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Here's a quick preview of just some of the exciting new work we'll be showcasing in the next issue of The Two Fridas ...

Las dos Fridas

Mexico-based Ballet La Grana Beatriz Romirez, Autlan, Jalisco has produced a fabulous short film of their new dance piece, Las dos Fridas. The film was produced in collaboration with Museo Regional de las Artes in Autlan. Watch it in the next issue of The Two Fridas online magazine.

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Hungarian perspectives

The Budapest-based Embassy of India in Hungary / Amrita Sher-Gil Cultural Centre is also producing a film, and we’ll share it with you in our next issue. In it, the life of Hungarian-born Sher-Gil is explored with passion by our colleagues at the Centre.

Painting the painters

Renowned Mexican artist Carmen Avalos has been inspired by The Two Fridas project to create a new work. She has already begun her abstract interpretation of the project’s themes and in our next issue she’ll reflect on what The Two Fridas means to her, before revealing the finished painting.

Balbir Singh’s narrative unfolds

Balbir Singh’s dance theatre piece The Two Fridas is beginning to take shape. We’ll look behind the scenes of Balbir Singh Dance Company and discover how this innovative choreographer devises work that weaves dance, music and storytelling into a unified, immersive whole.

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