The Two Fridas - an online magazine

Issue 1:

Birth of an Idea

How the concept developed

Parallel lives of Kahlo and Sher-Gil

A socially distanced photoshoot

Welcome to the first in a short series of digital magazines from Billingham International Festival and Balbir Singh Dance Company.

Over the past few years, our two organisations have collaborated on some spectacular and innovative dance and theatre pieces. We’re delighted to be working together again, this time on an exciting project with a truly international dimension.

The Two Fridas explores the parallel lives of two of the twentieth century’s most daring and controversial female artists – Frida Kahlo and Amrita Sher-Gil.

In this first issue we take a look at how the idea for The Two Fridas first came about, and the uncanny parallels between the lives and perspectives of these most iconic of artists.

At the heart of the project will be a dance theatre piece by Balbir Singh, the full version of which will be the headline show at next year’s Billingham International Festival.

The creative development for this has already begun and we showcase some of the beautiful photos from a recent shoot done under socially distanced conditions.

But it doesn’t stop there. Across the world, in Kahlo and Sher-Gil’s home (or adopted) countries of Mexico, Hungary, India and France, our creative partners are exploring and interpreting ‘The Two Fridas’ in a host of ways, through painting, dance, costume and exhibitions.

It’s a heady mix of inspiring work that deserves to be shared. And we've created this series of interactive magazines to do just that.

So in this first issue there’s also a sneak preview of the some of the creative work from our international partners that we'll be showcasing in future editions of the online magazine.

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Olga Maloney and Balbir Singh

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Balbir Singh Dance Company dancers exploring the Two Fridas themes at a BSDC photshoot. See some of the photos from the day here.

Footage shot by Wayne Sables; edited by David Andrassy; music by Giuliano Modarelli

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Inside this issue of The Two Fridas


The uncannily parallel lives of Frida Kahlo and Amrita Sher-Gil


The partnership that led to the creation of an international project


Creating an image in the midst of a pandemic – a Covid-safe photoshoot


Take a sneak peek at what's coming up next in the next issue of The Two Fridas