Creating an image: photoshoot in a pandemic

Despite the challenges of creating new work during the pandemic, BSDC dancers and photographers recently got together at the Bowes Museum in County Durham for a socially distanced creative session and photoshoot to explore The Two Fridas through movement and dance ...

Photos: Doug Moody

“This was my first project with Balbir Singh Dance Company. It was like dream come true. My co-dancer and I expressed similar emotions but via our own dance styles. I was able to witness something not normally seen in Indian Classical Dance”
Madhura Godbole

The grounds of the imposing Bowes Museum were the perfect backdrop for a socially distanced photo shoot. The sense of history, a big sky, Balbir Singh Dance Company dancers Madhura Godbole and Erica Mulkern: each element conspired to offer the world an excellent first glimpse of Balbir Singh's new piece.

With only the great outdoors to work in, no dressing rooms or backstage area, both dancers assembled their own costumes and make up – entering into the spirit of the 'new normal'. You can read more about the day here.

The photoshoot made the news pages of The Times in the UK:

“The devising process for a new work is always an exciting time. The fact we had to do it on this occasion while respecting the new social distancing rules didn’t take away from the excitement. If anything the extra space actually gave the idea room to breathe. I feel the finished work will be all the stronger for it”
Balbir Singh

Later the same day, the dancers reconvened in the beautiful gardens of Christine Eskildsen, one of Billingham International Festival's enthusiastic supporters, for more fantastic photos ...

Photos: Doug Moody

Photo: Owen Humphreys / PA Media

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