The Creative Team

Based on an original idea by Olga Maloney

The Two Fridas was made by Balbir Singh in collaboration with the artists

Balbir Singh Dance Company

Artistic Director: Balbir Singh

Music Composed and Performed by: Joe Harris and Sam Bell

Dancers: Abirami Eswar, Erica Mulkern, Kimberley Hardy, Madhura Godbole

Painter: Ruth Dyer

Graphic design and copy writing: David Andrassy

Researcher: Leila Johnston

Communications: Ezekiel Oliveira

Company Manager: Susan Burns

Strategic Manager: Dawn Fuller

Additional support for the Directors: Anna Hardy

Rehearsal assistants: Alex Garland, Lois Elsdon and Nandana Sathiapal

Photographer: Malcolm Johnson

Billingham International Folklore Festival of World Dance

Artistic Director: Olga Maloney

Staging, Sound and Lighting: Martin Warden, Hi-Lights Theatre Services

PR & Marketing: Garry Smith

Photography: Len Jewett, Owen Humphreys and Doug Moody

Video: Len Jewett, Wayne Sables

BIFF Support team: Jessica Smith, Danielle Cutler, Kathryn O’Donnell

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