The Two Fridas Tour Team

The Two Fridas was made by Balbir Singh in collaboration with these artists.

Based on an original idea by Olga Maloney.

Producer Olga Maloney Artistic Director Balbir Singh


Abirami Eswar Kim Hardy Kali Chandrasegaram Yamit Salazar


Joe Harris, Composer / Musician John Ball, Musician

Magaly Flores, Mexican consultant Sam White, Project Manager Aisha Catley, Dramaturge Susan Burns, BSDC Manager Garry Smith, PR Manager Martin Warden, Hi-Lights Theatre Services Ruth Zielinski, Production Manager David Andrassy, Designer Malcolm Johnson, Photographer Doug Moody, Photographer Len Jewett, Videographer Kath O’Donnell, BIFF team Danielle Cutler, BIFF team

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